NESCA Testimonials

"On several projects we were involved in, NESCA helped us get over $270,000 in payments being held by the State quickly released. In a situation that had dragged on for months, NESCA’s involvement produced results in a matter of days."
Roger Jones, Treasurer, Campito Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
"Congratulations on the passage of NESCA’s 36th legislative victory. This new law bans contract provisions that require subcontractors to exhaust their lien remedies before proceeding directly against the general contractor or the contractor’s payment bond. Just in case we needed any more proof - NESCA serves its members better than any other oganization of its kind!"
Jeffrey Senft, President, S&O Construction Services, Inc.
"NESCA is the best organiztion that my company belongs to. Over the past thirty years, we have made more contacts at membership meetings and have had the opportunity to speak with many customers and prospects at the annual trade show. There is no better way to network than at a NESCA event. I have always found the staff to be extremely helpful whenever we've needed anything. They must keep doing something right, as NESCA continues to be one of the largest subcontractor organizations in the country year in and out!"
David Mahoney, President, Noble Gas Solutions
"If you have ever considered joining or belonging to an organization, I can certainly recommend one of the most powerful associations I've ever dealt with. As a long time member of NESCA, I remember many occasions this organization has helped our firm. One good example occured over 20 years ago. The IRS had seized an out of state contractor's funds for back taxes. We had just received a $12,000 payment from this contractor, which, of course, bounced. NESCA provided us the proper documents indicating that the payments to subcontractors are considered trust funds in New York State. Armed with this informatio, we challenged the IRS's seiure of our payment, and 10 months later we received a check from the IRS for the $12,000 plus interest! I cannot count the amount of times NESCA has directly or indirectly saved us time and money. I am sure it is easily 10 times what we've paid in dues!"
Michael O'Connor, President, Alltek Energy Systems, Inc.

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